The following video contains scenes from the first few chapters of the book “Shrink: The Autobiography of a Psychotherapist” by Dr. Martin Obler with Jed Golden.
The first segment of the film (from Chapter 1) concerns Dr. Obler’s childhood growing up in a Jewish Ghetto neighborhood in Brooklyn in a dysfunctional family
focusing mainly on his emotionally crippled parent’s
and their impact on him and his siblings.
The second part of the film (chapter 2) shows Dr. Obler as an adult and captures one of Dr. Obler’s first patients in his practice as a psychotherapist and his initial
consultations with him when deciding the unique
conditions of his therapy with this unusual patient.
The film ends with dramatic scenes with this patient’s Psychotherapy and another patient in group therapy with him. Warren is the Bi-polar portrayed in the movie and Edith is a Borderline Personality Disorder and shows Dr. Obler’s unique approach to Psychotherapy with these severely crippled patients that reflect the same psychological disorders his parents suffered from in his childhood.

Excerpted from the full movie above, Warren Parts 1-4 portrays Dr. Obler’s unique work with a Bi-polar 2
patient and the breakdown of his delusional defense system.