About Marty Obler

Dr. Martin Obler has been in private practice for the past thirty-seven years, in New York City.
His specialties include:

  • cognitive-behavior therapy for depression
    and anxiety disorders

  • psychoanalytic treatment for personality
    and neurotic disorders

  • systematic desensitization for
    sexual dysfunctions

  • a highly developed eclectic approach to bipolar
    and borderline personality disorders

He has published numerous professional articles on his therapeutic practice related to these specialties in such journals as:

In addition, in recent years he has also published two books with popular appeal, taken from his case studies:

The Treatment of a Policewoman’s
Multiple Personality Disorder
Fatal Analysis
The Therapeutic Treatment of a Serial Killer

Options for making “Moira” into a movie have been
purchased by a subsidiary of Time Warner Corp. and
negotiations are currently taking place to bring the
book back into print.
“Fatal Analysis” has been published in four languages
and the hardcover and paperback editions together
have sold over 75,000 copies.

In several television appearances, including on Geraldo Rivera and Bill O’Reilly, as well as CNN news broadcasts; and on over fifty radio interviews in the United States and Canada, Dr. Obler has brought his expertise and
his unusual approach to psychotherapy to bear on the subject at hand.

As a professor at Brooklyn College for thirty-eight years, Dr. Obler engaged in academic research and taught courses in psychology.
He developed and conducted encounter groups and
sensitivity training for both students and faculty
during the 1970’s and early ‘80’s, and trained
students in these skills.
From 1970 to 1975 he directed a special education
program for minority students, which was highly
successful and contributed to the development of
the Open Admissions policy at the City University.